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Jump de Coins


Large hole in the bottom of the coin was sleeping ... again! Appeared as early as the sequel of "Falling de coins" coin exhilarating action! ! The man arrived to dive to the bottom of the hole along with the legendary umbrella of one large hole. A large amount of coins had been buried there are far When I looked, It was a dangerous place fell into the lava flowing down and wander from scaffold is bad. Would activate the ancient device to repel intruders on impact of landing Moreover, Among the pinch from behind the walls of the desperate situation with a large needle is looming The journey was to prepare oneself for the man, to get the coins ... again.
[How to play] Let's take a coin to operate the hero of the left and right buttons and a jump button! I'm gonna do it game over fall in lava below, there are no physical touching the needle. Let's go over any terrain with poor footing by making full use of two-stage jump!
[About the Coin Shop] You'll collect coins and buy a coin shop! Or make up your strength, and makes it easier to collect coins or further Earn coins because more and more useful items they sell!
Take a magic coin shining, I'm rushing to the super coin time! !